Wtravel case study

Duration of the project: may-august 2020 (4 month)

Roles: UX & UI design


Wtravel is a location-based recommendation application for parents who want to stay active even with a small kid. The app aiming to help travelers with kids to organize their trips and support them during the road. Wtravel finds desired destinations, builds the most convenient itineraries, and navigates to the point regarding the preference of a traveler.


  1. I aimed to create the fast access to the information on kids’ friendly facilities such as nursing rooms, cafes, restrooms, and emergency rooms.
  2. Another main feature allows to choose the type of itinerary - stroller-friendly or not, it accommodates the user’s preference for hiking difficulty and desired places to visit.
  3. Usually, planning a family trip involves several members. That's why that was important to us to help people in sharing their trip. That also helps business - more users are downloading Wtravel. 

UX Methods

Wtravel case study

What was designed:

  1. Mobile
  2. Tablet
  3. Desktop
Wtravel case study

Work with brief

"Users of the web are hugely dependent on the use of maps. Maps for navigation from A to B and, increasingly, maps for location-based recommendations… Your solution involves the creation of a responsive web app that will meet these needs and solve the problems that users are currently facing".

Gathering requirements

1. Who is the user ?
Parents, caregivers that travel with their kids.

2. What major goals, tasks will users want/ need to accomplish?
Plan the kid friendly trip, get the suggestions and information during the way, easy search of places far and nearby.

3. What will the product do? The app will suggest and save the itineraries according the preferences of spots to visit, would be flexible to iteration of the plan during the trip as travel with kids can be unpredictable.

4. Where will the product be used? At home and during the trip.

5. Why does the user need the product?
To facilitate his life as on preparation the trip and when on the road.

6. What kind of information will be created, entered or featured in the product?
Planning and organizing the kid friendly travels. Easy and quick search of kid friendly facilities and places of interests, user navigation from point A to point B.

7. What particular business goals are you trying to achieve?
The brand recognition through travelers, the number of active users, the attracting of advertising.

Minimum Viable Product

Wtravel case study

Provisional Persona

Wtravel case study

Mood Board

Aesthetics of Wtravel was inspired by modern architecture, contemporary paintings, and digital art following a minimalistic approach and best practices of functionalism. 

Wtravel case study

Style Guide

The mockingbird is one of the most immanent travellers on our planet. Each automn she flyes to the South to find warmth and livelihood. In the spring she comes back to find her home again. That's why I have chosen this bird as an app mascot. He would show the way to aspiring travelers.

Wtravel case study
Wtravel case study

User flow and User diagram

Initial result before the user tests.

Wtravel case study


I have started with paper wireframing to brainstorm possible solutions. After choosing the layouts I switched to Sketch to create digital low-fidelity prototypes to be able to conduct user testing.

Wtravel case study

The tests showed that users are not able to quickly switch the Stroller mode. After several iterations, I came to the solution to bring this core feature to the main screen. It helped users to choose their mode without digging too much into the Settings (parents don't have time for that). I also worked on the Home screen to make it as less busy as possible.

Wtravel case study

Final Designs

Four reasons to love Wtravel

1. Easy sign in with your password or social media account.

2. Fast access to the favorite places. Visit it now or save for later.

3. Do you want to improvise while on an itinerary? Just look what's around on the map.

4. Now it is possible to create an itinerary together. Just share it with a friend and co-create.

Wtravel case study
Wtravel case study
Wtravel case study
Wtravel case study
Wtravel case study
Wtravel case study

We prioritize efficiency 

AR Navigation for the best support. No more unclear maps and obscure directions. Our mascot bird will bring you the destination choosing the shortest and the mos convenient way. 

Wtravel case study
Wtravel case study
Wtravel case study


Instead of spreading yourself creating a global vision of a product and adding too many features, it is better to concentrate on one or two flows but do it well. When you are a solo designer on a project this is a decision to make.

Future iterations

  1. Improve the hierarchy of exhisting content.
  2. Test content labels
  3. Improve overall navigation.

* * *

Thank you for your attention!